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Pies and salted tarts... Specialties of

Arcadi Café

Located at the extension of the Queen’s gallery and the Saint-Hubert Royal Galleries, Arcadi Café is the ideal place to share a drink and a meal with friends. Its expanded menu proposes typical Belgian products such as Mussels or the Flemish Carbonnade as well as lasagnes, salads and waffles.

At the large counter of Arcadi Café, you can admire our sweet pies of the day. You’ll want to taste them from the first sight… Raspberry, lemon meringue, fresh fruits or chocolate pies that you’ll enjoy tasting with a Corica coffee, roasted in Brussels and served in the best brasseries of the Capital.

Since 30 years

Even though the sweet pies delight the Bruxellois’ palates in the morning or during teatime, we also love the salted tarts of all sorts at Arcadi Café. Traditional recipes that we respect for 30 years and for which Arcadi Café owes its success.


Arcadi Café, it’s also a very particular atmosphere. When watching the walls, its postal cards or banknotes make us travel all around the world. We also love the vintage paintings and tableaus among the metallic boxes hiding numerous treasures.

The small round tables add a warming and scenic touch to the place… and enable the exchanges with the visitors who come to discover this authentic spot in Brussels.

In good weather, the tables line up outside on the street and on the gallery side. Arcadi Café also offers a nice upper room for banquets or anniversaries up to 30 persons.